Sunday, 16 December 2012

Winter Purchases

Winter shopping is different to normal shopping, the name of the game is still to buy things you actually like, but even more important is to buy clothes with layering potential! It was with this in mind that I bought these beauties. The mint green and black fur jumper are from H&M, the cream/silver top is a sale bargain from River Island and the denim shirt and gold bracelet are Primark. Whilst I am dreading it getting colder at least I'm pretty confident I can squeeze a long-sleeved top or two under this little lot!


Monday, 10 December 2012

Featured // Pure Vegetarian by Lakshmi

A slight change of topic but I have to share my recently discovered favourite food blog, Pure Vegetarian by Lakshmi. Vegetarian or not this blog is jam packed with drool worthy recipes that are enticingly combined with great photography making it a pleasure to explore. Be warned, it's dangerous, one look and your stomach will be rumbling! First on my list to try is the strawberry and rhubarb pie, stuffed blackcurrant leaves, pakoras and chutney and the doughnuts and fresh passion fruit juice. I best get in the kitchen!


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The First Cut // Manchester Art Gallery


Manchester Art Gallery is currently playing host to the paper art exhibition The First Cut. Partial to a nice piece of paper/book art I bobbed along to find out what all the fuss is about, suffice to say I wasn't left disappointed. From the intricate to the ginormous this exhibition has it all; trees (that you can actually walk through!), galaxies, gardens, birds, towns, even a gun; and all in PAPER! It's amazing what you can achieve with a humble piece of A4, I'll never look at printer paper the same!

It's on until Sunday 27 January 2013 and well worth a visit. No excuses, it's free!


Work from top: Manabu Hangai, Rob Ryan, Noriko Ambe, Claire Brewster, James Aldridge, Nicola Dale, Andrea Mastrovito, Sarah Bridgland