Thursday, 20 September 2012

Holiday // Amsterdam

Next stop, Amsterdam. One thing that struck me most about Amsterdam is how pretty it is, with it's abundance of canals and lack of cars it's like no other city I've visited. After visiting The Anne Frank House on our first day we were free to chill out and take it all in, the perfect antidote to jam-packed Berlin. There are literally hundreds, no thousands of bikes so it can be pretty leathal for pedestrians, keep your wits about you, or do as we did and hire some of your own (if you can't beat 'em join 'em!), a great way to get around the city and perfect for a picnic in Vondlepark.

I was expecting big things from the vintage markets in Berlin but, at the sight of mountains of what can only be described as crap, was left pretty disappointed. Amsterdam however delivered big time, a must visit for any self respecting vintage fan. The Noordermarkt in the heart of the Jordaan area is held every Monday and, if your willing to rummage (a lot of things are in massive piles on the floor!), is likely to deliver a vintage gem. It only runs until 1pm though so be sure to get down early. If you do go, head to Winkel cafe on the edge of the market, we dutifully followed the guide books instruction and were rewarded with the nicest, fattest slice of dutch apple cake ever, still warm, ummm...... I'm salivating at the memory! I could just eat me a slice of that right now!

All in all a pretty passable holiday!


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