Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Holiday // Berlin


I haven't posted for a little while because I've been on holiday! We went on an amazing trip to Berlin and Amsterdam and I had the best time! They are both mega cool cities and definitely worth a visit. I've whittled down the hundreds of images to pick the highlights, first up Berlin. We made the most of our time and hit up a load of touristy spots to learn more about Berlin's rich, and slightly complicated history. Admittedly at times it was dark and somewhat depressing, but it was also massively interesting to visit these places in person, reading about it in a textbook isn't quite the same seeing it for yourself. When not whiling away the hours in a museum we found ourselves in need of a bucket-full of light relief so spent the rest of our time exploring and soaking up the cities atmosphere. We went to some lovely neighbourhoods, all with their own character and style, had amazing food, visited super cool bars and had some top nights out! Cautionary note; Berlin is chockablock with hipsters, but for a place this cool that's pretty much a given!

Put simply: GO!


P.S. If you need somewhere to stay I highly recommend The Michelberger Hotel. It's a stones throw from the East Side Gallery in super cool Friedrichshain, has great rooms, good rates and a lovely bar to boot!

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